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Here’s what our subscribers are saying…

“These are fantastic – thank you for sending them out.”– Principal, Woodridge North State School.

“These articles are being very well received by staff. Keep them coming.”– Principal, Ferny Grove State School.

“I love sharing these with staff. The feedback has been awesome.”– Principal, Harris Fields State School.

Topics in weekly articles include…

  • dealing with difficult parents
  • managing teacher stress during report writing times
  • managing email usage
  • behaviour management
  • and over 100 more topics

The articles provide staff with…

  • strategies to reduce stress
  • skills to better use their time
  • develop a more positive attitude
  • work better with others; and
  • improve their work-life balance.

Articles Are Written By…

  • Steve Francis, Amanda Gore,
  • Bruce Sullivan,Karen Boyes, Ken Warren,
  • Matt Church, Michael Grinder, Michael Grose,
  • Sally Mabelle, Tarran Deane, Tony Ryan

The PDF articles can be printed off…

  • as part of staff news
  • emailed to staff
  • printed for noticeboards; or
  • posted on electronic bulletin boards
  • whatever your strategy for communicating with staff.

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