Asking Students For Feedback? – Who’s Game?

Are you game to ask YOUR students for feedback?

One of the topics that has arisen out out of the enhancing teacher performance debate has been seeking feedback from students. Development in this area has only been very superficial to date.  I love American teacher Larry Ferlazzo’s approach. He uses regular surveys of his students for his own formative development. He uses the survey to check on what is working with HIS students and what isn’t. He then reflects on his teaching practices to see how he can make the learning more effective.

I genuinely believe that the vast majority of teachers want to be the best teacher they can be. Getting feedback from students seems like a logical step. After all, they are the people who see us teaching most and who have the most to gain through us being as effective as we can possibly be!

Whilst the prospect of asking students for feedback is daunting and not something many of us are used to, it has huge potential for increasing connectedness with our students and therefore increasing their engagement and their learning.

We could start with the simple questions, what could I do MORE of to help you learn and what could I do LESS of?

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